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2020-03-13: This site is going to be decommissioned and shut down very soon. Please copy and archive any data you wish to keep ASAP

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Summary HyperTextual UML Environment
Categories None
License BSD License
Owner(s) trifon
  HyperTextual UML Environment

Elmuth (reverse acronym for HyperTextual UML Environment) is a project of the University of Bologna, aimed to the creation of hypertextual and active visualizations of UML documents.
It is based on Displets (Display applets) technology, little software modules designed to be fully interoperable and to be activated by a generic display module, a Java applet called XMLC (XML Compiler).
Elmuth uses the most recent technologies for the development of Web applications and interchange of metadata, such as XML, XSL and XMI.

Elmuth takes origin from the crescent requirement of being able to visualize software engineering diagrams into Web pages. Currently, the most widely adopded solution is to include diagram images into Web pages. Usually, Images are created using CASE tools or graphical applications and exported as GIF or JPEG. This approach has many disadvantages: the main one is that images are "static" douments, in the sense that don't allow the user to interact with them. In contrast, Elmuth is based on displets, that are "active" documents and allow the user to interact. This makes Elmuth an hypertextual environment in wich is possible to visualize and to inspect documents, to navigate between them, to analyze data consistency and to generate code stub.

Elmuth plug-in for ArgoUML
Elmuth is a sub-project of ArgoUML. It's available a plug-in for ArgoUML, that adds the command "Export to Web..." to the "Tools" menu. With this command, you can export a project created with ArgoUML into Elmuth, to make it available on the Web. see File sharing section for details.

Elmuth screenshot
Here is a screen-shot of Elmuth.
Top left: a hierarchical view of the current UML diagram: this is the same as "Diagram-centric" view in ArgoUML.
Upper right: the current UML diagram, in this case a class diagram.
Bottom left: the data dictionary, for the details of all XMI elements.
Bottom right: code generator.

Click to see more examples

Elmuth supports "active visualization" for these UML diagrams: Use Cases diagrams, Package diagrams, Class diagrams and Sequence diagrams. The visualization of all other diagrams is static

Some examples of ArgoUML project exported into Elmuth: see examples section.

I'm writing Elmuth documentation...
Papers about Displets technology: see documentation section.

Elmuth comes as a plug-in for ArgoUML. You just need to download two files: see File sharing section.