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Project highlights: Elmuth examples
  HyperTextual UML Environment


My Master Thesis (Italian version only):
P. Pinciani
Un ambiente di Web Publishing per documenti UML
("A Web Publishing environment for UML documents").
Also available as HTML

Papers about Displets technology:
L.Bompani, P.Ciancarini, F.Vitali
XML-based Hypertext Functionalities for Software Engineering

Abstract: Hypertext functionalities represent a form of the distilled wisdom of the hypermedia community. Even if they were introduced and avocated already in the pre-Web era, most of these functionalities are absent in current Web browsers. However, such functionalities can be very useful in some specific applicative fields, like for instance browsing complex software engineering documents, using standard WWW components. We propose to exploit the advent of XML as a basic infrastructure for describing software engineering hypertexts. In fact, we describe XMLC, a prototype of an XML browser that, given its modular architecture and general scope, can be seen as the basis for implementing sophisticated hypertext functionalities for software engineering documentation to be mantained and browsed on the Web.
L.Bompani, P.Ciancarini, F.Vitali
Active Documents in XML  (pdf)
Abstract: XML is an extremely promising approach to the standardization of most data structures, but the rendering semantics proposed with XSL is not sufficiently general, lacking support for arbitrary graphic objects and sophisticated notations.
In this paper we introduce XMLC, a generic, modular XML browser that can display any kind of notation required for XML documents, and we also discuss the use of XMLC for active documents.

Documentation Resources for Developers of Elmuth:
Elmuth Javadocs